Natural Fragrances Popular with Holiday 2016 Consumers


Holiday shopping is well underway and the Euromonitor International Christmas Shopping Trends 2016 report is in. The market research company’s report broke down some of the biggest trends, such as what beauty products have been gaining popularity throughout the season.

Natural fragrances, especially the essential oils market, has been getting a lot of attention from both consumers and manufacturers. This may be due to the increased awareness of what ingredients are used in consumer goods or the trend of maintaining a healthier, “greener” lifestyle.

"Multicultural consumers seek natural ingredients and fragrances are not an exception."

Today’s consumers are always looking for products that can be used in various ways, some natural fragrances may fit the bill with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, stress relieving, conditioning and emollient properties.

Maria Coronado, ingredients associate analyst at Euromonitor said, “Multicultural consumers seek natural ingredients and fragrances are not an exception. Natural fragrances are gaining popularity and its use in the beauty and personal care industry is increasing globally, especially in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.”

Coronado explains that even if there is a demand for these products, there are still challenges that the manufacturers are facing including poor shelf life, color, aroma intensity and stability, which may limit its potential use.

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