SteelMclean's Hair Care Line


What it is: Premium Product Line by SteelMclean

Claims: The Premium Product Line uses 11 botanical extracts to create a cleanser that leaves moisturized, healthy hair behind. The line includes the Fortify Mask, Fortify Shampoo, Texture Cream, Gel Cream, Oil Purpose, Scalp Cleanser and Shave Lotion and Sport Culture. These products are unisex and work with all types and styles of hair.

Key ingredients: Panthenol, articum lappa extract, hedera helix extract, cyclomethicone, geranium maculatum extract

Price: Fortify Mask ($27), Fortify Shampoo ($27), Texture Cream ($23), Gel Cream ($20), Oil Purpose ($23.36), Scalp Cleanser & Shave Lotion ($24) and Sport Culture ($25)

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