New Pantene Line from P&G Targets Signs of Age in Hair

Procter & Gamble announced it will be featuring a new line of products to help women counteract age-related changes in the density and diameter of their hair. A result of clinical research, the new Pantene AgeDefy line will include Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and Thickening Treatment—all created to counteract the seven signs of hair’s aging.

Pantene AgeDefy products fight breakage, dehydration, split ends, unruly grays, lackluster color, thinning and damage. “Understanding what really happens to hair as we age has been a big effort for us at Pantene,” said Pantene principal scientist Emily Overton. “We’ve come to realize that, like skin, there is much more to it than just extrinsic hair aging. Hair also ages intrinsically. This means that the hair we are producing changes as we age.”

To get to the root of hair thinning, Pantene partnered with experts in the field, compiling clinical data from more than 1,000 women. The result was a much better picture of age-related changes in density and diameter. Through its research, Pantene discovered new truths about hair aging, including the seven signs that women experience. The key findings also revealed the hair aging process begins before menopause, around age 35, and symptoms go beyond graying and thinning.

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