Trending: Réduit One and Hairpods


The Réduit One Applicator and its line of Hairpods hair care treatments have been named among the top gadgets for June 2020.

According to Réduit, the products have earned the No. 2 spot on’s “Top 100 Gadget Trends in June 2020” list. The products reportedly beat out others from brands like Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and Nintendo.

The Réduit One device and Hairpods were created to form a comprehensive hair care delivery system that “enhances the application of proven hair care ingredients with never-seen-before efficiency in the haircare industry.”

How it works:

  • The system relies on proprietary magnetic-misting technology to improve both application and absorption in hair care treatments.
  •  Hairpods are pre-packed formulations that are free of fillers, thickeners or stabilizers, which allow for 38 times better performances while creating less waste, according to Réduit. reportedly gave Réduit’s products a rating of 9.8 out of 10, and wrote, " Réduit offers products [...] which have the potential to transform the way people apply their hair products."

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