Henkel Debuts Hair Care Line Developed Specifically for Veiled Hair

In the Middle East, many women wear veils. Their hair is covered for hours at a time and as a result needs special care. Henkel Beauty Care’s new Gliss Restore & Refresh hair care line offers repair treatment developed specifically to the needs of veiled hair, a distinct innovation in the important growth region of the Middle East.

“Hair is a sign of beauty. Especially in the Middle East, women would like to have long, healthy hair. Of course, this also applies even if they cover their hair in public with a veil,” explained Ezzeddine Attia, who is responsible for R&D in the region Middle East/Africa for Henkel.

To learn more about the needs and wishes of women who wear a veil, the Beauty Care team carried out a survey in Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to represent the Arab states. “We were most interested in hair structure and the most common problems,” said Attia. “Most consumers reported hair loss, split ends, lack of shine, an itchy scalp and an unpleasant odor. These problems arise because air cannot circulate under the veil, so hair becomes fragile.”

The new Gliss Restore & Refresh hair care line was developed on the basis of these results. This unique treatment gives consumers strong, fresh and beautifully glossy hair. But how does the new range actually work? “Its keratin formula repairs and strengthens hair structure for up to 90% less hair breakage,” explained Elizabeth Poppe, a member of the international hair care R&D team at Henkel. “A fragrant perfume immediately ensures a long-lasting refreshing effect and pleasant scent.”

Consumers’ high demand proves how effective it is—in Egypt, for example, Gliss Restore & Refresh is selling extremely well. “In the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region alone, there are 130 million potential consumers for our product,” said Lars Hennemann, vice president of Henkel Beauty Care in the Middle East and Africa. “As an up-and-coming region, MEA is right at the center of our growth strategy. Gliss Restore & Refresh is an impressive example of the systematic implementation of our strategy within Beauty Care to offer products that cater to the specific needs of local consumers.”

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