Pinterest 2021 Beauty Trends

2021 Pinterest Predicts report highlights beauty trends
2021 Pinterest Predicts report highlights beauty trends

Pinterest's 2021 Pinterest Predicts report includes the top beauty trend predictions for the coming year. 


Pinners will embrace slow beauty and letting their natural skin texture shine through. 

Trending search terms:

  • Glowing skin how to get naturally
  • Face yoga exercises
  • Homemade skin care
  • Aloe vera face mask
  • Natural everyday makeup

Indie Beauty

Gen Z pinners are into emoji-inspired makeup and nails

Trending search terms:

  • Indie nails
  • Smiley face nails
  • Indie makeup
  • Inner eye pop of color
  • Butterfly makeup

Poppin' Protective Styles

Pinners will look for hair techniques that are protective, low-maintence and glamorous, such as braiding. 

Trending search terms:

  • Braids with fade
  • Knotless box braids
  • Yard braids styles
  • Bubble braids
  • Viking braids men


Pinners will embrace bold brows and experiment with statement-making styles. 

Trending search terms:

  • Goth eyebrows
  • Above eyebrow tattoo
  • Ombre powder brows
  • Bleached eyebrows
  • Colorful eyebrows
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