Ulta Beauty Boosts Supplement Expansion with Moon Juice

Moon Juice's Ting Energy and Metabolism Supplement is now available at Ulta Beauty.
Moon Juice's Ting Energy and Metabolism Supplement is now available at Ulta Beauty.

Ulta Beauty continues to expand its supplement offerings amid a rise in interest among consumers. Most recently, Moon Juice has entered Ulta Beauty, offering SKUs such as:

  • Ting Energy and Metabolism Supplement
  • Moon Juice Sex Dust Adaptogens for Hormones and Libido
  • Moon Juice SuperBeauty Cellular Skincare
  • Moon Juice SuperHair Daily Hair Nutrition Supplement
  • Moon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Management Supplement
  • Moon Juice Milk Cleanse Gentle Bubbles
  • Moon Juice Magnesi-Om Sleep and Relaxation Supplement
  • Moon Juice Plump Jelly Hyaluronic Serum
  • Moon Juice Acid Potion Liquid Exfoliator
  • Moon Juice Cosmic Cream Collagen Protecting Moisturizer

The expansion follows Moon Juice's February 2022 $7 million series C investment round, which was led by True Beauty Ventures. One of the explicit aims of that funding was retail expansion.

Ulta offers early 100 supplement SKUs, including offerings from Bondi Boost, Love Wellness, Sugarbear, Serovital, Ouai, The Good Patch and many more.

Recently, The Benchmarking Company's Denise Herich reported that, "About 87% of surveyed U.S. women who buy beauty products say they take supplements as a part of their regular daily skin and body care routines, and 84% take them daily. In fact, 92% believe the best way to obtain their beauty objectives is with an inside-out approach, which includes supplements."

Herich added, "Although the majority aren’t taking supplements specifically for beauty concerns yet, 92% of consumers are open to the idea of taking supplements specifically for beauty ... About 45% of surveyed consumers say they buy more vitamins and supplement products than they did five years ago, and they are actively researching supplements online before purchasing them."

Top beauty supplement retailers cited by survey respondents included Amazon, Walmart and Target, although 26% of consumers cited Ulta, while 24% cited Sephora.

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