Honeywell Names TRI-K as Asensa Line Distributor

Honeywell announced that TRI-K Industries Inc. has been named distributor for Honeywell’s Asensa range of personal care products throughout North America. TRI-K will distribute the full range of Asensa products, which are ingredients specifically designed to improve the features and performance of cosmetics and other personal care products. Additionally, Honeywell and TRI-K are working jointly on customized formulation and applications to best meet individual customer needs.

“Through this agreement with TRI-K, Honeywell will have access to a wider range of customers for our personal care product portfolio as well as a great opportunity to tailor our formulations,” said Philip Orawski, marketing manager for Honeywell’s personal care initiative.

“Honeywell's extensive resources and commitment to quality, combined with TRI-K's strategic focus on innovative, specialty cosmetic raw materials, makes this program extremely synergistic," said Ben Blinder, vice president of customer /supplier relations, TRI-K. "We feel that the Asensa line is an exceptional addition to the TRI-K product portfolio, and one that will bring tremendous benefits to our customers.”

The Asensa line includes a range of low-molecular-weight polymers and copolymers specifically designed for the personal care market. According to a press release, these products increase permanency, emolliency, moisture retention, water resistance and thermal stability and act as film formers, oil or fragrance encapsulants, and nonirritating abrasives.

Honeywell launched the Asensa line in early 2006 to specifically focus on the market for personal care ingredients.
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