The Future of Marketing: Elegant, Irresistible, In-home Brand Experiences


Sampling has long been proven to be the most effective marketing method there is, and for a beauty or CPG brand it’s a non-negotiable necessity. However, sampling has been a challenge for marketers due to lower foot traffic in stores, prohibitive delivery costs, and issues with gathering data. The discovery experiences that involve touch, taste, feel, and smell are becoming obsolete in favor of digital-only strategies. Cover5 decided to tackle this problem head on with its patented, in-home sampling platform.


“If you invest in a consumer’s experience, they will invest in your brand,” is the idea behind the program. Cover5 delivers generous product samples in extremely elegant packages that feature brand imagery and messaging. The trick? The samples are attached to iconic magazine titles, allowing Cover5 to deliver straight to the doors of very targeted consumers (magazine subscribers) who are almost guaranteed to be interested in the product. Because of Cover5’s relationships with numerous publishers and their patented program with the U.S. Postal Service, they are able to deliver these generous immersive experiences with an impressive ROI.


“The true profitability in the beauty business is repeat. The true cost in the beauty business is trial.”

- John Demsey, Executive Group President, Estée Lauder


Here’s how the Cover5 program works:


Multiple samples of one or more products are placed in a specially designed ad card, which is positioned along the spine and back of a magazine issue.


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Then the entire unit is surrounded with a special custom-branded wrapper.


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The final product gets shipped to targeted subscribers of the magazine.


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Recipients are delighted to discover their package in the mail and find enough samples to use and share multiple times.


Why does it work?


Here are the 6 secrets to Cover5’s success:



Delivering samples in-home allows brands to get their products into consumers’ hands before their competitors and gives consumers a chance to experience the product where they will ultimately use it.


One-to-one Impact

By giving targeted consumers a very generous, unexpected gift, brands spark reciprocity and begin a one-to-one emotional relationship, leading to lifelong customers.



With a cost-effective delivery method, the platform delivers an unbeatable ROI.


Targeted Reach

The platform allows brands to ultra-target consumers according to demographic, geographic, and shopping preferences and makes campaigns easy to scale.


Premium Placement

Featuring samples on the outside of iconic publications validates the product’s prestige and positions it ahead of competing brands.


Speed to Market

Cover5 can deliver samples in as little as 60-90 days, making it faster than traditional marketing programs.


Unlock the power of Cover5’s patented in-home sampling program for your brand.




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