Shiseido Announces Administrative Changes and Transfer of Personnel for 2018


Shiseido has announced that it will implement partial organizational reforms and personnel transfers, effective January 1, 2018. 

Partial Organizational Reforms 

  • Shiseido will dissolve its Business Strategy Department of Global Prestige Brands Division, which operates across the division, and transfer its functions to respective brand units
  • Restructure the three departments of Shiseido Brand Unit – Brand Development Department, Skincare Development Department and Marketing & Communication Department – into Brand Development Department, Marketing Department and Communications & CX Department
  • Reorganize the functions of clé de peau Beauté Brand Unit into Business Planning & Operations Department and Product Development Department 
  • Reorganize the functions of Quality Assessment Center and rename it Safety & Analytics Research Center
  • Dissolve Technical Strategy Department, which develops strategies across R&D and supply chain management domains, and transfer its recruiting and training functions to Shiseido Japan Human Resources Department, GIC Integrated Operations Department and Supply Network Strategy Department
  • Transfer the product development function for Shiseido and clé de peau Beauté brands to the two newly established Value Creation Process Transformation Department
  • Rename Supply Chain Division to Supply Network Division and newly establish Supply Network Strategy Department
  • Rename Compliance Department to Risk Management Department
  • Restructure Advertising & Design Department into Creative Division
  • Divide Global ICT*2 Department into ICT Strategy & Platform Department and Global System Department
  • Dissolve Corporate Communications Division and newly establish Global Communications Department under the direct control of Shiseido Group CEO
  • Dissolve China Business Innovation Project Office and transfer the function of China marketing support to Corporate Strategy Department
  • Integrate Innovation Design Lab. into Corporate Strategy Department

Transfer of Personnel

  • Toshinobu Umetsu department director, Corporate Strategy Department 
  • Hiromi Anno department director, Global Communications Department
  • Harumoto Kitagawa department director, Investor Relations Department 
  • Emiko Ashida department director, Human Resources Department 
  • Yoshihiro Shiojima Corporate Officer Department Director, Legal & Governance Department
  • Gen Nawa department director, Risk Management Department
  • Mitsuru Kameyama corporate officer department director, ICT Strategy & Platform Department
  • Takahiro Nishizumi department director, Global System Department
  • Mika Inoue vice president, Global Innovation Center, R&D Center Director, Cosmetics Value Development Center, Global Innovation Center
  • Katsunori Yoshida center director, Cosmetics R&D Center, Global Innovation Center 
  • Hidefumi Araki department director, R&D Strategy Department, Global Innovation Center
  • Masami Chiku center director, Safety & Analytics Research Center, Global Innovation
  • Yasunori Morita vice president, Supply Network Department Director, SC Projects Management Department Akihiro Miura Department Director, Supply Network Strategy Department Department Director, Global ICT Department
  • Katsumi Oomae department director, Production Technology Department 
  • ShinOsumi department director, Supply Network Operations Department 
  • Daisuke Teranishi department director, Japan Business Support Department 
  • Kenichi Saito factory director, Kuki Factory 
  • Mizuki Hashimoto department director, Business Planning & Operations Department, cle de peau BEAUTE Brand Unit, Global Prestige Brands Division 
  • Hiroko Nakagawa department director, Product Development Department, cle de peau BEAUTE Brand Unit, Global Prestige Brands Division Group Manager, Skincare Development Group, cle de peau BEAUTE Brand Unit, Global Prestige Brands Division
  • Hitoshi Okamoto department director, Brand Development Department, Shiseido Brand Unit, Global Prestige Brands Division
  • Shin Hasebe department director, Marketing Department, Shiseido Brand Unit, Global Prestige Brands Division Department Director, Skincare COE Department, Global Prestige Brands Division 
  • Kyungjin Park department director, Communications & CX Department, Shiseido Brand Unit, Global Prestige Brands Division 
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