Twice as Nice: Bloommiami and Shiseido Partner for 2nd Installation


Shiseido and Bloommiami have partnered, once again, this time to create and install an interactive activation for the beauty brand that is currently on display in Honolulu, Hawaii’s T Galleria by DFS.

The activation will be on display through April 30 and includes:

  • The DFS exclusive Shiseido Ultimune and White Lucent Power Bright Set, which includes some of the brand’s leading products meant to prevent signs of aging and damage.
  • Beauty lessons drawn from the brand’s Japanese beauty heritage through the activation’s interactive digital photo booth.
  • Visitors to the activation can also personalize and share digital origami butterflies like those on display. These butterflies can be featured in a mini movie to be shared on social media or can be printed out with Shiseido beauty tips.

Darin Held, partner at Bloommiami, said, “Having the opportunity to partner with Shiseido once again is exciting for Bloommiami. We are thrilled that they felt confident in our ability to execute their project almost 5,000 miles away from our home base. In fact, to meet Shiseido’s promotion deadline we needed to build the activation in 3 weeks.”

Held continued, “The use of origami is also a first for us and it’s certainly a clever way for Shiseido to engage consumers in a very tactile, very human manner. Also, they are creating memorable, sharable experiences that go beyond the initial engagement point.”

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