Naturex Shares its 2015 Sustainability Report

Global manufacturer, Naturex revealed its sustainability actions and Bright 2020 strategic plan in the new 2015 Pathfinder Report.

Naturex’s report shows the company’s efforts around the world focusing on four pillars:

“Sustainability is vital for our business because nature nurtures all our future developments,” said Olivier Rigaud, CEO, Naturex. “It is a key pillar of our Bright 2020 Strategic Plan. Our long-term growth relies on our capability to take into account sustainability in our daily work.”

An example of their sustainability efforts is recently added natural and biodegradable ingredient, quillaia.

The soap bark tree, Quillaia saponaria, is a hardy perennial evergreen and is native to Chile. The extract is acquired from wood and is utilized across the food, cosmetics and health industries as a natural foaming agent and an emulsifier.

With Naturex’s sustainability commitment, the ingredient is harvested based on the Chilean Forest Authorities requirements. The local extraction and process improves the company’s goal in helping customers switch from synthetic to natural.

Read more about this ingredient on the Cosmetics & Toiletries website.

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