Beauty and Hair Instagram Video Dos and Don'ts

Photos on Instagram garner 1.4 times as much engagement as videos, according to a recent analysis from L2. The videos that do well? The ones with high production values.

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Beauty Instagram Dos

According to L2, traditional TV spots can be repurposed for the platform and serialized in 15-second segments. Hair and beauty brands that have done this enjoy some of the highest engagement rates on the social media platform: "In Q1 2015, they accounted for four of the top 10 Instagram videos in the category."

Videos that focused on products had the highest engagement, similar to results seen on Facebook, according to L2.


Beauty Instagram Donts

Beauty and hair care brands that are failing include those that employ low-quality footage or rely on text-heavy posts.

Lesser-known  celebrities, models and everyday people are featured in 63% of the lowest-engagement beauty and hair care Instagram content, according to L2: "This suggests that influencers might be overused, while brands’ fear of appearing overly commercial on the platform may be unwarranted."



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