Kristen Bell Encourages Sunscreen Awareness


The summer heat is just beginning and Kristen Bell wants to inspire moms to talk about the importance of sunscreen to their children. Neutrogena’s 2016 Choose Skin Health Campaign is airing a comedic and serious video about the necessary attention of skin care.

The Choose Skin Health Campaign was established to reduce the risk of skin cancer by informing the public about the importance of sunscreen. Brand ambassador Kristen Bell helps to circulate the importance of sunscreen by educating viewers through entertainment. For every share of the video, Neutrogena will donate $1 to the non-profit Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation.

Neutrogena is creating an in-school sun safety program with the possibility of reaching 1.6 million students annually. They are also hoping to donate $35 million worth of sunscreen to families in need by the end of this year.

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