Aveeno Partners to Expand Recycling Potential

Aveeno launched a partnership with TerraCycle, a company that seeks eco-friendly uses for companies' waste streams, in which empty Aveeno product tubes will be "upcycled" into, for example, household items that will then be available for purchase at major U.S. retailers. This unique partnership, according to the brand, offers communities a chance to make sustainable strides; Aveeno "Beauty Brigades" are currently being formed across the U.S. to collect empty Aveeno product tubes (all of the elongated tubes from sun care, facial care, baby and body care products). For each tube received by TerraCycle, Aveeno will pay two cents to the nonprofit organization or school of one's choice or to the featured charity, The Skin Cancer Foundation.

"We are incredibly proud of the progress the Aveeno brand has made in terms of sustainability," said Michael Marquis, group product director, Aveeno. "We continue to look for ways to improve our eco-conscious practices, from how we source ingredients and packaging materials to reducing waste and resources needed for product transport. It's through our collaboration with partners like TerraCycle that makes it possible for us to expand our commitment to sustainability, giving back to the community and improving our environment."

The majority of Aveeno products, according to a press statement, are recyclable—including all high-density polyethylene and PET bottles and paper packaging. The brand aims to continue to increase the amount of recyclable packaging in future product launches.

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