New CEO to Step in at Shiseido

Shiseido announced it convened a meeting of its board to determine a change in corporate officers. Representative director, president and CEO Hisayuki Suekawa is retiring as of March 31, 2013, and representative director and chairman Shinzo Maeda will step in as president and CEO starting April 1, 2013.

Hisayuki Suekawa offered his resignation as president and CEO citing his health, and he will be named a senior advisor for Shiseido following his retirement.

Shinzo Maeda joined Shiseido in 1970 and has held positions that include general manager of the new cosmetic marketing department, general manager of international business development and international strategic marketing (international operations division), chief officer of the Asia-Pacific headquarters (international operations division), general manager of international marketing (self-selection products, cosmenity value creation division), general manager of training (cosmetics strategic planning division), general manager of corporate planning, director (corporate officer), representative directory (incumbent, president and CEO), and chairman (incumbent).

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