ShopperLab Debuts at Henkel Ibérica

The recent visit of Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted in the offices of Henkel Ibérica was the perfect opportunity to introduce a initiative within Henkel’s offices: the ShopperLab.

Dedicated to innovation in market research, marketing, retail presence and selling techniques, this new space at Henkel Ibérica has been operating for a few days now, and the room recreates the shelves of a real store and has been designed to further the company's understanding of consumer behavior in real shopping environments.

Tests are soon to be carried out with real consumers in this facility in order to study the impact that product designs have on shelf appearance and occupancy (implantation), POS materials and even the various aspects of buying behavior. Among the techniques being used is an eye-tracking system. This market research tool analyzes eye movement and translates it into heat maps, providing patterns of shopper behavior.

In addition, the ShopperLab will host future meetings with clients where they will be able to see how the Henkel approach can be used in their stores to test the in situ behavior of consumers.

The ShopperLab is the result of a project supported and promoted by Henkel colleagues from the retail, sales, marketing and market research departments. Its purpose is to strengthen Henkel’s role as experts in shopper behavior and thus to better serve customers.

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