Global Organizational Change for Pola Orbis

Pola Orbis announce it is implementing a new organizational change, as well as some personnel changes at its subsidiaries as of July 1, 2014.

For the organization change, the company’s global business division will be established to manage the overseas business of Pola Orbis, and it will support each subsidiary to develop and implement regional marketing and sales channel strategies, and also analyze the performance and the progress of key performance indicators. Additionally, the global business strategy office, which currently manages the marketing strategies of the overseas business, will be integrated into the global business division.

To match this organizational change within Pola Orbis, the following personnel changes will also be taking effect:

  • Yutaka Den has been appointed chief global business officer for the global business division, as well as director of Australia-based Jurlique International Pty. Ltd. Den takes on the Jurlique director role from Naoki Kume, who is retiring.
  • Den also was appointed director of H2O Plus Holdings Inc., and Motoki Matsuo was named director and CFO for the U.S.-based skin care brand. Retiring from H2O Plus are director Naoki Kume, director Takako Okabe, and director, president and CEO Richard (Rick) R. Ruffalo, who also is a member of the GCI editorial advisory board.
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