Goodbye, Hello: GCI Welcomes New Editor in Chief

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It’s been nearly 10 years since I began my career at GCI as an associate editor, and the pace started as a sprint. A month in, I was in New York for HBA—definitely the biggest trade show for our industry at that time. I didn’t own a suit—in fact, I didn’t even own a jacket—and I knew effectively nothing about the industry. A couple weeks after that, due to personnel changes and travel schedules, I was a lone editor producing an issue of GCI. It was somewhat nerve-racking, but the rest of the team was soon back in place, and I started on a real journey of learning.

In March 2009, I officially took over the helm of GCI; though I may have steered the ship, I was navigated by you. Your feedback, your concerns, your needs and your goals guided what I and the team you’ve seen in the masthead all these years did with all things GCI. I realized in that process, the magazine is not mine—it’s yours. And now it’s time to let someone else take the helm and navigate the course of the industry and your information needs. I’ve learned a lot from the wonderful, talented and brilliant people I’ve met and worked with in my roles with GCI, but it’s time to take on a new role as the events marketing director for GCI’s parent company, Allured Business Media—and in that capacity, I’m glad to say, I will remain in the beauty industry and in contact with you.

I’m pleased to say that GCI will immediately be in good hands, as Jeb Gleason-Allured (+1-630-344-6069) takes the helm as Editor in Chief. Jeb has been the editor in chief of GCI sister publication Perfumer & Flavorist and the program director of the World Perfumery Congress and Flavorcon. He also represents the fourth generation of the Allured family to serve the industry. You can call or email him any time or find him on LinkedIn.

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