Unilever's Suave Earns Cruelty-Free PETA Accreditation

PETA’s ‘Cruelty-Free’ logo will appear on Suave’s packaging soon, as the Unilever brand has recently earned the accreditation.
PETA’s ‘Cruelty-Free’ logo will appear on Suave’s packaging soon, as the Unilever brand has recently earned the accreditation.
Photo courtesy Suave's Instagram (@Suave)

Unilever has announced that Suave is its latest brand to gain global “cruelty-free” accreditation from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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A brand found in one of every two U.S. homes, Suave sells a product every 14 seconds, demonstrating quality, value and safe products that do not require animal testing can be accessible to all.

Unilever is one of five companies to be listed by PETA as a company “working for regulatory change” and Suave joins a growing number of Unilever brands to gain its “cruelty-free” accreditation.

Over the last 18 months, Dove, Simple, St. Ives, Love Beauty and Planet, and Love Home and Planet have also been added to PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” certified list. Scientists at Unilever’s Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) use cell-based and computer models to assess product safety instead of animal methods.

For more than 30 years Unilever has also been collaborating with leading scientists and policymakers to facilitate the adoption of such approaches.

In 2018, Unilever entered into a multi-year, open collaboration with the Humane Society International (HSI). Together they are supporting the company and regulatory scientists globally to build capability in alternatives to animal testing so that safety decisions for cosmetics can all be based on non-animal approaches.

The partnership also invests in training future safety scientists in the ‘next generation’ risk assessment that doesn’t use animals, to ensure long-term change.

Unilever also recently received the Humane Society’s Corporate Consciousness Award at its 2019 To the Rescue! 10th Anniversary Gala, an honor that marked Unilever's global industry leadership to end animal testing and a long history of collaboration with HSI.

PETA’s ‘Cruelty-Free’ logo will appear on Suave’s packaging soon, to assure shoppers that it does not and will not test on animals anywhere in the world.

“We are delighted to be part of PETA’s ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ program,” Berengere Loubatier, Suave’s senior brand director, said. “Suave is known for its high-quality beauty products made accessible to all since 1937. Our consumers care about animals and so do we! That is why we are proud to be certified cruelty-free by PETA and continue to offer high-quality beauty products.”

“Millions of PETA supporters and consumers everywhere will be delighted by this news,” PETA senior vice president Kathy Guillermo said. “PETA welcomes Suave and thanks Unilever for its commitment to ending tests on animals everywhere.”

“Unilever supports calls for a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics and Suave becoming PETA-accredited is another important proof point of our commitment,” head of SEAC Julia Fentem said.

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