Arizona Natural Resources Acquires Marianna Beauty Holdings

Core Industrial Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm.
Core Industrial Partners is a Chicago-based private equity firm.

Core Industrial Partners, a private equity firm, has announced that its portfolio company, the contract manufacturer Arizona Natural Resources, has acquired Marianna Beauty Holdings.

Marianna is a full-service custom manufacturer, formulator and distributor of hair care, hand and body products, styling aids and fixatives, hair color and dispensary products, and pet grooming products.

Marianna operates a 400,000 square foot FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant facility, including activities such as research and development, packaging compatibility, preservative efficacy and micro testing, regulatory, global sourcing, customized kitting, and multiple distribution options.

Arizona Natural Resources and Marianna will operate nearly 40 filling lines and more than 100 storage and mixing tanks handling liquid, cream and hot fill products in sizes ranging from a ½ ounce sachet to full tanker trucks across nearly 550,000 square feet between the two facilities.

Mike Cate, CEO for Marianna, said, “The combination of Marianna and Arizona Natural Resources will generate immediate benefits to our customers as we build on the already formidable product capabilities of the two businesses, leverage scale advantages that come with operating a much larger company, and expand our enterprise distribution footprint across the West Coast and Midwest. I look forward to working with the ANR and Marianna teams to continue to drive value to customers through our organic and acquisition-based growth initiatives.”

John May, managing partner of Core, said, “We remain committed to investing in the personal care products space with a particular focus on hair and skin care companies that can further expand the combined platform. We believe the long-term growth fundamentals of this industry coupled with Cores' capital and resources is a winning combination to build a larger industry player that will benefit our customers.”

Frank Papa, senior partner of Core, said, “Marianna and ANR are highly complementary, well-established players in the beauty and personal care industry. The two companies combine to form an industry leader with substantial operational scale, comprehensive chemical formulation capabilities, and plentiful capacity for their customers. We’re excited to work with the Marianna team to expand both their product offerings and their geographic reach.”


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