Aveeno Launches #SkinVisibility Campaign

The campaign has made its debut with the 'Eczema in Skin of Color' digital hub.
The campaign has made its debut with the "Eczema in Skin of Color" digital hub.

Aveeno has launched its #SkinVisibility campaign during Eczema Awareness Monthaddressing the under-diagnosis, care and treatment of eczema on Black skin.

Aveeno aims to help 100,000 Eczema Warriors find relief in the next six months through educational resources, tools, and products, which begin their rollout today.

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The campaign has made its debut with the "Eczema in Skin of Color" digital hub, a dedicated one-stop resource for people of color, that brings visibility to eczema on Black skin.

There will also be a three-part talk series on @AveenoUS, hosted by Aveeno principal scientist, Sabrina Henry, that will address disparities in Black skin health care and treatment, equitable access to resources/products, and the importance of brands playing meaningful roles in closing the gap.

The topics and participants include:

  • "From the Lab to the Shelf, Bringing Visibility to All Skin Tones:" Actress and Black skin health equity advocate, Tia Mowry (@tiamowry) joins Sabrina to discuss the lack of visibility for Black skin in the beauty industry, skincare treatment, and mass marketing and advertising. (October 14 @ 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT)
  • "How to Identify, Treat & Love the Skin You're In:" a board-certified dermatologist joins Black skin health equity advocate, Ashley Lora (@ashleyannlora) join Sabrina to discuss how eczema manifests itself on Black skin, the mental health challenges that can arise and how to care for yourself and your skin. (October 21 @ 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT)
  • "Closing the Gap on Black Skin Health Disparity:" Naaya (@naayawellness) founder and educator, Sinikiwe Stephanie Dhliwayo (@sinikiwe.stephanie) and Black skin health equity advocate, Ashley Wall (@itchin87) will join Sabrina in a conversation around the work that can be done to amplify and spotlight Black skin health within their own brands, communities and to their audiences, from providing accessible tools to increasing education. (October 28 @ 5 PM ET / 2 PM PT)

Aveeno has also partnered with the Center for Black Women's Wellness, an Atlanta-based organization working to ensure local Black women and families have access to quality healthcare, to drive conversation on the issue of eczema through intimate, interactive experiences among its local market including: 

  • #Skinvisibility Digital Workshop: A roundtable discussion on "What It Means to be an Eczema Warrior." For more information and to RSVP, please visit here.
  • CBWW Annual Health Expo: Educational sponsorship and product sampling at the organization's Annual Health Expo on November 13.

To address the discrepancy in eczema marketing and over index of Caucasian baby visibility, Aveeno reveals the "Eczema Equality" content shoot, shot by CreativeSoul Photography, that puts the spotlight on the individual stories of parents struggling with eczema care for their babies in a Caucasian-dominated category. The effort is available to view on Aveeno.com/baby

Aveeno senior director, Suzanne Goldstein, said: "The journey to skin health equity for the Black population is far from over. That's why at Aveeno, we are committed to doing our part to help close the educational gap to Black skin health resources and tools for diagnosis. Using our platform and the launch of our #SkinVisibility campaign, we will continue to elevate important conversations around skin of color."

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