Dr. Bronner's Accepted in Whole Foods Market Program

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps and the Swiss organic and fair trade certifier IMO have been accepted into Whole Foods Market's Whole Trade Program—Whole Foods Market's designation of products with the highest degree of ethics and integrity, by Whole Foods' scale, in its stores. The program evaluates standards, prices paid to producers, wages and working conditions, and environmental sustainability.

For each Whole Trade product sold, 1% of the retail sale will go to Whole Planet Foundation, which operates under a mission to create economic partnerships with the poor through microcredit in communities that supply Whole Foods Market stores with product, with a focus on the developing world.

"A publicly traded retailer donating 1% of its Whole Trade sales on an ongoing basis to support the poorest of the poor through microcredit, is remarkable and unprecedented," said David Bronner, president, Dr. Bronner's. "We're proud to be part of the Whole Trade Program by contributing $5,000 of our charitable funds to the Whole Planet Foundation, as well, on an annual basis."

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