Site; Brand Partner to Create Virtual Counter Experience for Women of Color announced it launched Makeover Magic, a digital makeover application created for black women sponsored by Covergirl Queen Collection.

Makeover Magic, is designed to provide black women with a virtual salon and makeup counter experience. Users can upload their photos, select from a palette of cosmetics as well as relatable celebrity hair styles to "try on" before clicking to purchase. According to the company, Makeover Magic facilitates a dynamic beauty community experience that provides users the option to share, post or have their looks voted on, within their social networks via Facebook and Ning (a social media tool/Web site) compatible widget.

The application offers users a number of product choices—including makeup from Covergirl Queen Collection, a line inspired by Queen Latifah to celebrate the beauty of women of color. The collection features shade ranges and pigments designed specifically for women of color, and are formulated for deeper skin tones and positioned at value price points.

"Great Web experiences marry easy-to-use, engaging technology and great branded content from a trusted source," said Lesley Pinckney, general manager, "We will be working with partners to include this widget on their sites, and hopefully will roll this out as a mobile offering by [late 2009]. This is the first part of a multi-tiered strategy to becoming the leading online beauty destination for women of color; in the next six to 12 months, we will debut out additional functionality, as well as new tools and franchises."

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