Mary Kay Announces New Branding Campaign, "Discover What You Love"

After celebrating its most successful year in company history, Mary Kay Inc. announced its new global branding campaign, "Discover What You Love." The new campaign invites women to discover what they can love about Mary Kay to help them feel beautiful, confident and connected.

“We wanted a meaningful brand communication platform that built on the momentum from our 50th anniversary message of One Woman Can and into a message that reflects our belief that beauty is defined by each individual starting with inner beauty,” said Sheryl Adkins-Green, Mary Kay Inc.’s CMO. “Women want beauty on their terms, and they want to define what beauty means to them. Discover What You Love celebrates the beauty of every woman, but in a way that showcases her individuality. It’s not a one size fits all approach. We have learned that Mary Kay is a brand of discovery. Women may come to our brand looking to fill one need. What they discover is much more fulfilling, and an emotional connection grows.”

Because women turn to Mary Kay for different reasons, the messaging behind the new campaign integrates the company’s three pillars—rewarding opportunity, irresistible beauty products and positive community impact. The campaign’s primary objective is to enhance the consumer’s experience so that she gets what she wants from the brand with the ultimate goal of her saying “I love my Mary Kay.”

“The success of this campaign will largely be measured by the loyalty of the current consumer base and the growth of new brand lovers,” said Sara Friedman, Mary Kay Inc.’s vice president of U.S. marketing. “Having a woman fall in love with our company because of our products, the business or our philanthropic work is our ultimate goal. If she loves Mary Kay because she gets what she needs and so much more than she expected, then we know she will be a loyal customer for life. Because the products work and she trusts our brand, she will evolve into our brand ambassador simply by sharing her love of our company with other women. A woman who loves Mary Kay is our brand’s greatest asset.”

The multi-year branding campaign launches on February 14, 2014, and will take advantage of Mary Kay’s expansive social media network. Mary Kay and fans will take Discover What You Love to social media using the hashtag #MKLove.

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