Will These Be the 5 Biggest Beauty Trends of 2021?


We may only be a few months into 2019, but beauty industry trend predictions for 2021 are already emerging. 

In a recent report, "WGSN: Big Ideas 2021-Beauty", the trend forecasting company shares five need-to-know strategic ideas that will shape the beauty industry in 2021.

5 Ways Brands Should Prepare for 2021

  • Igniting inclusivity: The inclusive beauty movement has expanded product offerings to cater to more skin tones, hair types and gender-fluid consumers. In 2021, WGSN predicts the movement will continue with the inclusion of physical and mental needs.
  • Prioritizing sustainability: As consumer expectations grow, brands will need to embrace sustainable business practices, especially when it comes to water scarcity and how it will impact product development. 
  • Streamlining products: WGSN encourages brands to "streamline products, but offer better formulations featuring higher active ingredients and multiple benefits."
  • Embracing small but mighty influencers: Beauty brands should explore fostering relationships with micro-influencers, who have been found to have better engagement levels with their followers. 
  • Showing your dark side: According to WGSN, "otherworldly aesthetics are emerging for beauty, so create make-up palettes with dark colors that allude to supernatural themes."
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