Dr. Plant Launches Botany Prize


Dr. Plant, a Chinese skin care brand, has established the Wu Zhengyi botany prize to recognize researchers who have significantly contributed to botany research, plant resources, plant development and utilization, plant diversity and sustainable development of ecosystems.

“This award is a tribute to the botanical monarch, Mr. Wu Zhengyi,” said Xie Yong, founder of Dr. Plant. “It provides the opportunity for China to influence the world. Dr. Plant is dedicated to alpine plant skin care research and development; this award allows us to find more experts in this area, so that their research will be more widely used to help Chinese cosmetics to impact the world…”

The award’s namesake was a botanist and researcher at the China Academy of Sciences for more than 70 years. He participated in the compilation of the “Flora of China” and the revision of the English version.

The award was announced on Wu Zhengyi’s centenary birthday in the Kunming Botanical Garden during a party organized by the Chinese Academy of Science Kunming Botany Institute.

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