Vivel Celebrates Skin-deep Beauty; Challenges Stereotypes


Indian skin care brand, Vivel, is focusing on beauty that is skin deep. It recently unveiled its "Ab Samjhauta Nahin" brand campaign introducing a fresh, nuanced perspective of self-confidence that personifies the modern woman. 

The campaign aims to inspire women to question the social fabric that tends to stereotype, and at times impedes their lifestyle choices.

Sometimes the only thing holding a woman back is her own belief that she can be held back - Sameer Satpathy

"Sometimes the only thing holding a woman back is her own belief that she can be held back," said Sameer Satpathy, chief executive, personal care products business, ITC Limited. "With Ab Samjhauta Nahin, Vivel hopes to inspire women to question the limits they've been conditioned into accepting, challenge status quo and therefore maximize their potential and live fuller lives."

The brand message goes beyond a beauty discourse to address attitudes and behavior towards women. The campaign is designed to encourage discussion around age-old gender biases, inspire young women to question the limits that they have been conditioned into accepting and empower them to live fuller and equal lives. Vivel said it not only celebrates woman power but also actively stands in support of an equal life.

The recently launched television commercial depicts one of the many uncomfortable situations that a woman often encounters. Unfazed, the Vivel woman draws upon the strength in her softness to handle the unwelcome circumstance with aplomb. The TVC articulates the need to challenge all stereotypes that suggest women being less than equal.

Click here to view the campaign. 

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