Nécessaire Lands in Sephora US, Canada

A select assortment of Nécessaire products is now available at Sephora US.
A select assortment of Nécessaire products is now available at Sephora US.

Nécessaire has announced its partnership with Sephora US. Since its launch in 2018, Nécessaire has quickly become known for its focus on clean personal care and sustainable practices. The brand will launch with a select assortment at Sephora US. and Canada stores and online.

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“We are thrilled to be launching the brand with Sephora US and believe the partnership with Sephora will catapult the brand further,” CEO and co-founder Randi Christiansen said. “Sephora is a remarkable supporter of brands–and for us, we found an authentic excitement from the Sephora team around our brand mission. We believe personal care is self-care, and self-care is a necessity. We started with body care because we felt it was time to make the body a first thought, not an afterthought. We are deeply committed to sustainability, and for us, the interception of these trends is what is next and what we believe in.”

Christiansen continued, “We launched in 2018 with a strong commitment to making a positive environmental impact everywhere we can, and sustainability has been and remains at the core of why we exist. We are certainly not perfect, and we have far to go–but we believe in delivering better personal care in a better way. Some of the work we have done today spans; a 1% For The Planet Membership, a Climate Neutral Certification, significant use of post-consumer waste across packaging and clean formulations.”

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