2020 Clean Beauty Award Winners

Clean Beauty Winners: LoveMarie Lip Gloss and Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion.
Clean Beauty Winners: LoveMarie Lip Gloss and Iremia Skincare Soothing Lotion.

The Clean Beauty Awards, launched by CertClean, recognizes the best performing beauty and personal care products around the world manufactured without the use of what it considers known harmful chemicals. 

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Best Face Cream:

1. Iremia Skincare Inc.: Soothing Lotion
2. Iremia Skincare Inc.: Protective Cream
3. Ao Skincare (Distil Skincare LLC): Raw Nourish AM Treatment

Best Face Oil:

1. Ellie Bianca: Citrus Skin Oil
2. Helena Lane: Skincare Pomegranate and Lemon Nourishing Face Oil
3. Eco Tan: Glory Oil

Best Face Serum:

1. Caldera + Lab: The Good
2. Immersion Botanica: Rosehip Facial Serum for Dry/Damaged Skin
3. Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm: Sensitive Skin’ Face Serum

Best Toner and Mist:

1. Vanessa Megan: Group 11 Active Mist
2. AROMATICA: Tea Tree Balancing Toner
3. isoi: PHA First Toner

Best Face Wash:

1. aiona alive skin care: aiona alive e-citrus exfoliating cleanser
2. Biossance: Squalane + Tea Tree Cleansing Gel
3. Eco Tan: Super Citrus Cleanser

Best Body Care:

1. Biossance: Squalane + 100% Squalane Oil
2. Moyaa Shea Products Ltd: Fair Trade Organic Raw Shea Butter
3. Aequora: Australian Botanical Intensely Moisturizing Hand Cream

Best Body Wash:

1. Moyaa Shea Products Ltd: Organic Soap Lavender
2. Ginger Michelle Apothecary: Symphony Jun kombucha Soap
3. Eco Tan: Coconut Mint Body Wash

Best Odor Care:

1. EverKind:EverKind Organic Deodorant – Ultra Stick
2. Cleo&Coco: Aluminum Free All Natural Charcoal Deodorant
3. SoulDeo Naturals: Vanilla and Coconut Natural Deodorant

Best Eye Care:

1. Eco Tan: Eye Compost
2. Biossance: Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream
3. SanRe Organic Skinfood: Eye Candy

Best Lip Care:

1. #LipGlam: #LipGlam – The multi award winning beauty balm.
2. Dr.Lipp: Dr.Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Dry Skin, Luscious Lips & Glossy
3. Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm: Nomad’ Lip Balm

Best Hair Wash:

1. Black Chicken Remedies: Dry Shampoo
2. Birch Babe Naturals: Shampoo Bar
3. AROMATICA B5+Biotin Fortifying Shampoo

Best Hair Treatment:

1. Black Chicken Remedies: HairOM – Restorative Hair and Scalp Treatment
2. Jordan Seban Hair: Le Baume
3. Supernova: LUCY Anti Frizz Leave in Conditioner

Best Sun Care:

1. AROMATICA: Aloe Mineral Sunscreen SPF50/PA++++
2. 3rd Rock Sunblock: 3rd Rock Sunblock Sunscreen Lotion
3. Kaelen Harwell: Sun Salvation

Best Beard Care:

1. Leaf People Skin Care: Sandalwood and Cypress Face and Beard Oil
2. Bellus: Beard oil concentrate
3. Always Bearded Lifestyle: Beard Conditioning Cream: Bergamot + Ylang Ylang with Distilled Pine Scotch

Best Eyeliner:

1. MarieNatie Cosmetics: All Natural Eyeliner

Best Lip Gloss:

1. MarieNatie Cosmetics: LoveMarie Lip Gloss

Best Nail Polish:

1. SunCoat Products Inc.: Top Coat Nail Polish

Best Perfume:

1. Aromantik: Tropique Narcotique Natural Perfume Oil
2. Wild Coast Perfumery: Natural eau de perfume
3. Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm: Bloom’ Perfume Balm

Best Mascara:

1. Elate Cosmetics: Elate Essential Mascara
2. Elevé Cosmetics: Lash After Party
3. PHB Ethical Beauty: Mesmerise Mascara

Best Lipstick:

1. Kester Black: First Date Liquid Lipstick
2. YULIP: Wednesday Fever
3. SaltyGirl Beauty: SaltyGirl Beauty Lipstick

Best Eye Color:

1. MisMacK Clean Cosmetics: ART Shadows
2. Elevé Cosmetics: Crop Top and Flip Flops Eyeshadow Palette
3. 100% Pure: Fruit Pigmented Rose Gold Palette

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