Tomato or Not Tomato, That is the Skin Care Question


Tomatoes. Perfect for salsa, Caprese salads care? According to research conducted by Lycored, consumers are well aware of the skin care benefits that these red little guys tote. 

The company explained it conducted a survey on June 2-6, 2017, of  329 U.K. consumers aged 50 or over who took supplements at least once a week. Another survey conducted in March 2017, was conducted using 480 consumers (240 in France and 240 in the UK) who had purchased a skin care product (e.g. moisturizer, cream, lotion, pill or supplement for beauty or skin health) over the past 12 months.

The Results

  • 92% of people surveyed had heard of antioxidants
  • 62% knew antioxidants offered benefits for skin health
  • 52% had heard of carotenoids
  • 38% had heard lycopene (a tomato-derived carotenoid) 
  • 53% said they knew of the nutrients in tomatoes and their benefits for skin health
  • 43% considered diet the most important factor for skin health
  • 22% considered avoiding too much sun exposure 
  • 18% considered a stress-free life 
  • 15% considered exercise 
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