The Answers Behind Aging Skin


A team of research scientists from the Avon Skincare Institute (ASI) includes John Lyga, Ph.D., director of Skin Bioscience and Uma Santhanam, Ph.D., director of Cell Biology and Clinical Efficacy at ASI whom discovered a new breakthrough in skin aging and presented the results using two posters:

  • “Dynein is necessary for intracellular transport of both nutrients and autophagosomes in human dermal fibroblasts” and
  • “A role for autophagy in skin aging.”

The scientists discovered with age, dynein levels decline and a deficiency can cause an impairment of nutrients, which then increases aging on the skin’s surface.

The scientists also found autogaphy—a pathway by which cells remove and recycle damaged components—also decline with age and UV exposure.

For more information, visit the Skin Inc. website.

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