Aveeno Celebrates the Oat with New Online Video Series

The Aveeno brand announced the debut of "The Beauty of Nature, Active Naturals Oat for Your Skin," a series of video narratives celebrating ingredients found in nature and their potential to help enhance one's natural beauty. The first digital short is narrated by Aveeno brand ambassador Jennifer Aniston and highlights the farm-to-formulation journey of the Aveeno's first Active Naturals ingredient: oat.

"I've used Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion since I was in my 20s but working on this project and learning everything that goes into their skin care products—how they are conscious of the ingredients chosen, how they're grown, how they're formulated—has given me a whole new appreciation for the brand. I realize that what makes all the difference is actually the story behind the products so it's great to be able to help share that story," said Aniston.

Best known for its use in food, oat is also one of natures' best-kept beauty secrets. In a series of four videos, viewers are introduced to proud oat farmers who have harvested their fields for generations. The videos then trace the oat's transformation from these local grain farms to the Aveeno laboratory where scientists unlock the ingredient's natural ability to soothe, moisturize and protect.

"Active Naturals is really synonymous with the very best of nature," said Aveeno R&D scientist Michael Southall. "By tapping into ancient folklore and using science to understand the complex composition of oat, we've been able to identify and harness its most useful properties for healthy skin and incorporate them into Aveeno products."

To view the video playlist, including a Spanish adaptation, and learn more about Aveeno Active Naturals oat, visit www.YouTube.com/aveeno.

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