Beauty Up in the Air

In “The Not So Friendly Skies,” Larissa Jensen, director and beauty industry analyst with The NPD Group, shares her beauty challenges while under the influence of air travel.

She writes, “No matter how much I prep for a flight, I always walk off the aircraft looking exhausted and pasty. Unfortunately, I’ve been flying a lot in 2013. I’ve been on more planes this year that in the past 10 years combined. Every time I look at my reflection in the airport bathroom after a flight, I can’t help but wince at what I see.

“It’s not that I don’t know the rules of good skin at 30,000 feet. Before I leave for the airport, I always apply a heavy hand of moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated, and primer to keep my makeup on. I drink plenty of water and bring along a mini-sized body lotion so my hands don’t dry up. But maybe what I really need is the right skin care regimen in TSA-approved sizes to throw in my purse so that I can reapply while in flight.

“Skin care sets and kits with travel-sized or mini versions of full-sized products have shown significant growth since 2009, more than doubling dollar sales and unit volume in the past five years. They are a small (no pun intended) segment of the market, representing 5% of unit sales for total skin care sets and kits. Of course, the purpose of these mini products is usually so you can travel with them as a carry on for use during your trip, not necessarily to use them while on the plane itself. But interestingly, some of the top brands and products in mini skin care sets and kits are actually very in-flight friendly. Eye gels, lip creams and hydration sprays top the list for flight attendant beauty secrets, and are found among the top-selling mini sets.

“The skies may not be so friendly for a good skin day, but with the right TSA-approved skin care products by my side, I’m hopeful that the day will come when I can walk off the plane as fresh faced as when I stepped on,” Jensen concludes.

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