Health-savvy Consumers Flock to Face Masks


Face masks can give consumers a quick dose of dedicated skin care or at-home self care. It is no wonder why they are rising in popularity and helping the global face mask market grow at an expected 8.97% CAGR from 2017-2023.

Consumers' increased health awareness may be leading them to demand natural and organic mask options; in a recent report, Research and Markets cites this push as a driver in this market's growth.

Other insights include:

  • The global market is estimated to be worth $10.4 billion by 2023, after reaching a value of $6.21 billion in 2017;
  • Consumers looking to address skin conditions such as allergies, pigmentation, dark spots, acne and irritation via face mask formats is driving demand; and
  • The Asia-Pacific region holds more than 50% market share—presumably due to K- and J-beauty influences—followed by Europe and North America.

For more on the report, head to Research and Markets.

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