Typology Hopes to Offer 'Real Alternative to Consumer Products'

Routine Femme
Routine Femme

Typology's Raw Range was created to give consumers control of the ingredients they apply to their skin.


Typology offers ready-to-mix kits—for men and women—that contains essential oils, vegetables, hydrosol and powders along with a recipe for different skin care mixes. 

The Kit of 3 Mix includes: 

  • Gentle Rose Geranium Cleanser—an oil makeup remover meant to nourish the skin.
  • Invigorating Bi-phase Tonic with Peppermint—a tonic meant to tone, moisturize and accelerate cellular regeneration.
  • Body Scrub—a scrub to exfoliate dead skin for smooth, plump skin. 

According to Typology, all products are certified organic and vegan.


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