Advanced Skin Measuring Devices Launches in Exclusive with Saks Fifth Avenue

Technology-based Parisian skin care company Ioma launched it advanced measuring device, IOMA Sphere 2, exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. After 11 years of research, the IOMA Sphere 2 is a 4D skin-measuring device that fuses four dimensions—invisible imperfections of the skin, skin structure, hydration and ability to perfectly track skin—to create a completely new device. The innovative measuring process is easier and more precise than the original Ioma Sphere.

Pioneered by visionary Jean Michel Karam, Ioma is a technological breakthrough for the beauty industry. It has the ability to analyze the skin below the surface and create an individual profile reflecting an exact assessment of the skin’s needs, which allows for a personalized skin care regimen for each individual.

In four minutes, skin is photographed, analyzed and diagnosed. Seven imperfections are measured: dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, sebum, bacterial zones and dark spots. Once measured, a live educational diagnostic combined with a personal recommendation is presented to each individual. Recommendations take two forms: the combination of skin care products among the seven Ioma Pro Line ranges numbered 1 through 7, and the personalized Bespoke Youth Rituals line consisting of one lightweight day base and one rich and creamy night base.

Ioma recommends repeating the same analysis three to four weeks after the start of the first treatment in order to see the dramatic changes in skin. IOMA Sphere 2 is an educational Ioma device, offering photos, videos, diagrams and multidimensional renderings, making comprehension easy and interactive. “With Ioma Sphere 2, every skin reveals its true needs a bit more, and every skin finds the correct, personalized and proven response,” Karam said.

The Ioma Sphere 2, seven Ioma product line ranges and Ioma Bespoke Youth Rituals are now available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York; Beverly Hills and Costa Mesa, California; Houston and San Antonio, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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