Wethrivv Offering Maskād Consumer Line

The skin care line is designed for all ages and skin types.
The skin care line is designed for all ages and skin types.

Wethrivv is now offering their Maskād skin care line direct-to-consumer, using the same science-based and clean-ingredient approach as the Maskād Pro Series. The system includes a derma roller, growth factor and peptide serum, hyaluronic acid serum and face mask.

Co-founder Amy Batra said, "I always knew that we would branch into the consumer space. Using the same technology as the Pro Series, we created the Deliver + Renew hydrogel infusion mask which is the core of the consumer line and specifically designed to be used with topical serums. What is truly unique about our masks is that they are 'dry' to the touch unlike wet, messy sheet masks. Based upon Fick's Law of Diffusion or transdermal technology, the masks are designed to deliver topical ingredients. Developing outstanding topical serums was critical to complement the Deliver + Renew mask so we began formulating serums to address various skin issues. What I love about the line is that it is customizable and synergistic and can be easily integrated with ones' existing skin care routine and even other products."

Co-founder Sanjay Batra, Ph.D., said, "The anti-aging serum (aka Maskād Peptide Bomb) is chockful of growth factors, peptides, and other amazing ingredients. Peptides and growth factors can come from humans, plants or even insects. We decided to make our product from biosynthetic manufacturing in a precise world class facility. Said another way, our product is precision made in the lab, not from a fetus, apple, or snailit's just the approach we have chosen."

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