Pai's New Night Cream Taps Zero-waste Ingredients to Hydrate & Improve Sleep

Key Bonne Nuit ingredients include a yeast-derived hexapeptide that is fully natural natural and COSMOS approved.
Key Bonne Nuit ingredients include a yeast-derived hexapeptide that is fully natural natural and COSMOS approved.

Pai's new Bonne Nuit COSMOS organic night cream revitalizes fatigued mature skin with moisture, while also supporting the proper function of the body clock to improve sleep.

The formulation comprises "zero-waste" ingredients, per the brand.

Founder Sarah Brown explains, "At Pai, 25% of all of our agricultural ingredients come from an upcycled or zero- waste source. We calculate zero waste in our products, not our ingredients. If a supplier states a material we source is zero waste, it is of the understanding that there is no waste so it is 100% zero waste. The calculation would therefore be the amount added to our final formulation. For a supplier, the amount of ingredient extracted from waste will vary from ingredient to ingredient. The amount of oil present in strawberry seeds versus the amount in apricot kernel seeds will be different, for example."

She notes that zero-waste materials found in Bonne Nuit include olive, jojoba and safflower oils.

"These natural oils help keep skin soft, supple and comfortable," says Brown. "They're also rich in vitamin E, helping to reduce water loss and lock in moisture–ideal for a night cream designed to nourish dry, mature skin."

Many zero-waste raw materials are grown specifically for their oils.

"This results in some waste," says Brown, "which is then managed to prevent it going to landfill by using it as animal feed or as a natural fertilizer. We also use upcycled ingredients in our product range. Upcycling means that waste from agricultural, food and juice industries can be eliminated, by extracting unwanted elements–such as seeds, leaves, peels and stones–from the manufacturing process to become premium by-products and raw materials in their own right. This collaboration between industries allows for less waste. It's a more sophisticated, smarter process compared to recycling, which involves reusing something that has its quality decreased each time it's reused."

Other key Bonne Nuit ingredients include a yeast-derived hexapeptide that is fully natural natural and COSMOS approved. The technology stimulates the production of collagen for a reduction in the appearance of fine lines for a plump, smooth complexion.

Gardenia extract delivers crocin to the formulation. When crocin interacts with the skin's microflora, the material is converted into crocetin, a molecule that triggers the same receptors in the dermis as melatonin. In this way the formulation activates the skin’s natural reparative and defense processes, particularly when exposed to blue light. Counteracting blue light can reportedly reduce disruption to the user's circadian rhythms for better quality sleep.

The formulation also includes xanthophyll, a potent, naturally derived carotenoid that provides antioxidant defense against blue light and free radical damage.

The night cream features the natural moisturizing factor sugar complex, a hydrator that mimics the carbohydrate complex found in the skin’s own NMF.  The complex is derived from sugar from harvested kernel corn.

“When we’re stressed, we miss out on the most important thing of all: a good night’s sleep, which is critical for our skin to repair and regenerate," said Pai founder Sarah Brown. “Inflammation, stress and poor sleep are the biggest culprits of premature aging–or ‘inflammaging’–as they break down collagen and elastin and weaken our skin’s barrier. This cushioning cream is your defense, giving both you and your skin a chance to fully rest and rejuvenate. A good night in every way.”

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