Coppertone Testing, Quality and Packaging Get a Sunny Stamp of Approval


In order to guarantee consumers that the claims Coppertone sunscreen products make regarding their sun protection are based on scientific testing, Bayer—the maker of Coppertone—has ordered an independent “assurance assessment.”

Bayer granted AccountAbility, a consulting and standards firm, access to its facilities, records and people in order to conduct the assessment. The firm analyzed the following and found that Coppertone products “comply with internal and all applicable external guidelines to ensure the labeling accuracy…accurately test and implement quality assurance procedures, and are found to comply with quality, safety and efficacy requirements.”

  • Processes, systems, controls, performance data, principles and internal guidelines
  • Testing and performance guidelines developed and enforced in accordance with U.S. regulations
  •  Quality assurance processes and systems developed and enforced for packaging and labeling
  •  Bayer's processes, controls and performance guidelines used to manage their suppliers
  •  10 different products, including lotions, sprays, sticks and its new "Whipped" sunscreens

Michael Tune, vice president, personal care development center, stated, "Consumers are receiving information about sun protection from a variety of often contradictory sources, which is causing confusion. They want assurance that product performance claims are based on legitimate scientific testing. As a leader in the U.S. sun care industry, we wanted to utilize our long-standing leadership to meet the changing expectations of consumers by voluntarily conducting - and sharing - this independent assurance assessment."

The full report can be found here.

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