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Brandless Launches Unisex Shave Collection

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Brandless has launched its first unisex shaving collection with two razor heads designed for the face and body.

Brandless has launched its first unisex shave collection, which includes razors designed for the face and body, and each kit and refill is designed with its purpose in mind.

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The rectangular cartridge navigates tight spots for the face, while the rounded cartridge with flexible hing handles contours to the body shape.

Each razor has a weighted handle and hypoallergenic aloe vera and vitamin E strip that promotes silky smooth skin. The razor also pair well with Brandless' award-winning green tea and aloe shaving gel.

The collection is also working to set a standard of inclusivity. Brandless believes no one should pay the pink tax, which is the surplus charge for women's personal care products, and the company's razors are designed for everyone.