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[podcast] "People Want to Know What's in the Product"

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HFactor leverages the benefits of molecular hydrogen to deliver wellness and beauty benefits.


Gail Levy, founder of hydrogen-infused water brand HFactor, joins Global Cosmetic Industry editor in chief Jeb Gleason-Allured on the latest episode of The Business of Beautiful to discuss her wellness brand. By merging a strong scientific story with a wellness concept, HFactor typifies the emergence of a new class of wellness-beauty crossovers.

The anti-inflammatory and hydration benefits of molecular hydrogen are beginning to take hold in the scientific and marketing worlds. Now HFactor, one of the brands participating in Saks Fifth Avenue's Wellery project, has reached the market with a product that spans beauty and wellness.

Levy believes her brand is powered by simple ingredients, addresses consumers' hydration fixation and offers future innovation opportunities in cosmetics.

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