L’Homme Arrives in Argentina

Arnaud Beauduin, marketing director, YSL Beauté Miami, was in Argentina to introduce the latest YSL fragrance, L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent. Beauduin told GCI magazine that the launches across Latin America were nearly simultaneous. The fragrance hit the shelves in Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile in November. Mexico was the only exception. Due to a change of distributor (Clarins replaced Versailles in July 2006), the fragrance will be available in Mexico in 2007.

Beauduin, who has been in his current position for the past year, talked about the challenges in the region. “Today, everybody believes that Latin America is like Asia,” said Beauduin. “However, I think that this concept is wrong. In Latin America, there is a 10w GDP per capita, which (means) a lot of people (are) not able to afford an expensive perfume.” In short, the growth of Latin American is much slower than growth in Asia.

Viktor & Rolf Gains Footing

L’Oréal’s luxury products division is working hard on the Viktor & Rolf brand in Latin America. In early 2006, the brand was only available in Mexico, where it is sold at six points of sale. Viktor & Rolf arrived in Brazil in September, in Chile in October and in Argentina in November. The Flowerbomb fragrance was the first product in the launch, and the objective was to maintain exclusivity by only offering the fragrance in unique doors. According to a L’Oréal spokesperson “imagination, bravery, creativity, international environment” are all concepts shared by L’Oréal and Viktor & Rolf. A vision is expressed through the brand’s fragrances. For this reason, L’Oréal supports Viktor & Rolf’s “cosmovision” in the development of the brand.

Makeup Lessons

Coty signed an agreement with Argentina Ricardo Piñeiro Models to provide makeup workshops, through its Rimmel brand, for the agency’s models. Seminars and workshops will be provided through July 2007 with the intention of providing innovative techniques and imparting international trends in makeup.

Natura Expands in the Region

Brazilian direct-seller Natura has established a regional launch strategy. Last December, Venezuela welcomed the cosmetics brand, and the next Latin American country where the organization will roll out is Colombia. As part of its expansion program, Natura has opened a facility in Campinas City in the state of São Paulo. The center, inaugurated in September, offers the brand’s sales consultants a place to develop their activities and attend classes on sales techniques and launches. The company also opened a facility in Mexico last year, and plans to open a facility in Argentina in 2007.

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