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As you read this, the industry calendar is showing a little more open space after a flurry of major events. As I write this, however, it is April and I am in Paris, following the wrap up of another successful in-cosmetics show, a major cosmetics ingredient event. The excitement of the CEW Beauty Awards in the U.S. and the U.K., BeautyEurasia in Istanbul, the SCC Suppliers’ Day, LuxePack New York and The Fragrance Foundation’s FiFi Awards in the U.S., to name only a few, are still to come in May. Wow … un café, s’il vous plait! As usual, there is no shortage of opportunities to get together, network and learn in this amazing industry, and I hope to see you out there taking advantage of them.

Just how amazing is the beauty business? This issue of GCI magazine brings our annual cover story on the State of the Industry. The article by Euromonitor’s Briony Davies is, as always, filled with the very latest data on global markets and product categories. It paints a picture of an industry that continually challenges its boundaries and refreshes its offerings to satisfy a consumer base as diverse as it is large, set against a global retail, supply chain and regulatory landscape in constant flux.

You can unwind from all that data with a look at our Global Report covering the spa and well-being sector. Discover how some global brands are using the spa setting to market products, and travel to Asia with Skin Inc. magazine editor in chief Melinda Taschetta-Millane to find out what’s going on with the spa industry there and how it may affect product development around the world.

Also in this issue, Jeff Falk writes about eco-friendly packaging production and sustainable business practices employed by packagers. His feature coincides with our second webinar, held June 5, that included a case study on an eco-friendly lipstick tube and secondary packaging.

This is a great issue of GCI magazine, covering a great time to be part of the beauty industry around the world. We are loving the state we’re in and we hope you are, too.

Karen Newman, Editor in Chief

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