Study Shows Women Feel More Confident When They Don’t Have Unwanted Body Hair


A recent study commissioned by Church and Dwight Co., Inc., the makers of Nair, showed that seasons and weather impact whether women will remove body hair and frequency. An online poll conducted in the U.S. surveyed 1,118 women 18 and older. The results showed:

  • 79% of women are more confident in their own skin when they do not have unwanted body hair
  • 74% of women feel less confident wearing revealing clothing (e.g., shorts, tanks, skirts, bathing suits) when they have unwanted body hair
  • 3 in 5 women are less confident being intimate when they have hair on their legs and/or bikini area
  • More than half of women feel less confident on a date when they have unwanted body hair
  • Millennial women (age 18-34) are more than twice as likely to remove unwanted body hair regularly (i.e., daily/every other day) during the summer months vs. the winter months

The study also shows that 9 out 10 women prefer shaving as the No. 1 hair removal method even though it causes nicks and cuts.

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