Fairness Cream Sales to Dominate Male Cosmetics Market in India

Fairness creams have emerged to amass a dominant share in the Indian male cosmetics market, according to a recently published research report “India Male Cosmetics Market - Consumer Insight 2012” by Kuick Research. The consumption of cosmetic products by Indian men has witnessed an upward trend in recent years primarily due to shifting perceptions about the usage of cosmetic products along with its feel good factor. Changing lifestyle, rising income levels, and exposure of media are other discerning causes for its skyward spiral.

As per the report findings, more than 80% of the surveyed male consumers were found using fairness creams. Further, a majority of these men were identified to be spending between INR 50 to INR 100 on fairness creams every month and were willing to pay a premium price for creams especially available for men. The fairness cream segment is bound to witness double-digit growth in the coming years, due to its widespread availability and increased spending on skin care products by the Indian male consumer.

While the Indian male cosmetics market is still in its stage of infancy, it is said to offer an immense opportunity for cosmetics companies who are planning to target male consumers in the coming years. The market, which is yet to be structured, will definitely help its early entrants find a high degree of product acceptability among consumers.

Find more information on this market report from Kuick Research here.

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