Total Beauty Sees the Power of Moms

New insights from Total Beauty Media Group show that modern moms are increasingly utilizing digital tools to streamline their busy days and stretch their limited dollars.

The variety of emerging digital platforms and resources empower women with children to yield increased influence and buying power than earlier generations and their childless counterparts. The insights revealed in the Digital Power Moms report provide marketers with a better understanding of how modern moms can be effectively engaged in new ways using the digital and mobile tools they rely on in their day to day lives.

“’s audience is nearly 50% moms,” says Ethelbert Williams, head of market for Total Beauty Media Group. “It is important we deliver for our brand partners insights to how this new digital power mom is leveraging web, video and mobile touch points in her everyday life, as well as on the path to discovering and shopping.”

Digital Power Moms examines trends in how women with children consume content online through various channels, and compares these trends to those of non-moms, revealing unique attributes of the increasingly powerful mom sector. Socially connected moms mention brands 73 times per week, compared to 64 times for the average female and 57 times among males.

Sixty-seven percent of moms game online, compared to 57% of non-moms, and nearly 1 in 5 moms say that online videos are replacing the movie theater—providing brands with a variety of ways in which to connect.

In this report, Total Beauty Media Group also uncovers key findings in how moms leverage digital in budgeting and spending, identifying where they splurge and save, and the role that children play in purchase decisions. Further, the report explores shopping habits among moms by product category.

The paper concludes by providing brand marketers with key takeaways for understanding the modern techno-sophisticated mommy sector, and provides recommendations on how to effectively reach them.

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