Gillette Looks to Hollywood Style in New Variety Partnership

In the midst of 2014’s movie awards season, Gillette announced a unique partnership with Variety magazine to place men’s grooming in the spotlight with a Leading Man Cam, an up-close-and-personal look at the well-groomed faces of some of Hollywood’s leading men, which will debut on the red carpet of the Gillette-sponsored unite4:humanity event organized by Variety. Gillette is also partnering with celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang and celebrity groomer Diana Schmidtke for this awards season to provide expert insight into red carpet style and grooming.

Eighteen of the last 20 Best Actor winners were all clean-shaven the night they received their award on stage, while the other two wore neatly styled facial hair.

Live from the red carpet and backstage at the Variety unite4:humanity event, Yang will unveil the first-ever Gillette Leading Man Cam, which will capture the clean-shaven and well-groomed faces of Hollywood’s leading men. Yang will also be talking to the stars about their grooming and style habits, sharing trends, and giving her predictions and analyses of the men’s grooming styles this awards season.

Backstage, guests will have the opportunity to visit the classic Hollywood-style “Leading Man” barbershop for a VIP grooming experience with Gillette Fusion ProGlide. Attendees will also have the chance to help determine which one of the charities being honored will receive a special donation from Gillette at the end of the night.

“While there has been some focus on men’s grooming during past awards season, I’m thrilled to help put a bigger spotlight on these leading Hollywood looks with Gillette’s Leading Man Cam” said Yang. “Whatever your personality or style preference, facial hair grooming can really complement one’s overall look.”

Joining Yang as part of Gillette’s awards season program is Schmidtke, who will offer, throughout the awards season, key styling and grooming tips to help everyday guys achieve the ultimate leading man look.

“It is no coincidence that 18 of the last 20 most recent Best Actor winners were clean-shaven, because the classic leading man look should always start with a clean-shaven or well-groomed face,” said Schmidtke. “I’m looking forward to helping guys better understand how they can achieve this leading man look themselves, starting with clean shave or a stylish trim.”

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