2017: Bye, Bye Beard-y?


In recent survey taken by grooming company, Braun, male grooming trends were questions and predictions for 2017 have been made. While men in 2016 loved a good, full beard, the approaching year may be the time that some kiss the stubble goodbye.

Braun's UK grooming expert, Parsa Rad states, "Facial hair has been big over the past few years, with the lumberjack beard continuing to keep hipsters warm over winter - even the goatee has seen a resurgence. As we start to look ahead to 2017, beards are looking less full, with sharp, clean lines - even disappearing altogether."

Braun conducted a global survey of 4,000 women aged 18-55 living in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. 

2017 Predictions

  • 42% of women said stubble as their preferred look for 2016
  • 51% of women said clean shaven was their look of choice in 2016
  • 55% of women want their significant other to opt for the clean shaven look in 2017

The Holidays

  • 61% of women say they would rather kiss a man under the mistletoe who is clean shaven
  • 1% said that they would like a partner with a mustache

According to British women

  • 75% say a being well-groomed is the most important attribute in a potential partner
  • 35% say that they would gift their significant other a shaver
  • 43% say that their celebrity crush dons the clean shaven look
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