Anti-pollution Skin Care Makes News

The newest approach to skin care includes aromatherapy, concentrated high-tech ingredients and essential oils. On Dec. 19, 2006, at New York’s Opia Restaurant, Patrick Sounigo, founder and formulator of the French brand Sampar, introduced his collection of body products and treatments for women. The products are formulated with natural complexes, biopeptides, citrus bioflavonoids, nanotechnology and aromatherapy.

“The skin is an intelligent organ. It is the perfect shield whose function is to avoid penetration,” said Sounigo, a physician who specializes in medical phytoaromatics. “However, with cosmetic formulations, we can help the skin go further to protect it from the bombardment of pollution.”

Sampar’s Winsome Body Line contains active ingredients adapted to the skin’s specific needs. Featured are Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub, with marine salts, natural essential oils and beeswax to eliminate impurities; and the Urban Active complex—formulated to soothe the skin by neutralizing the lead and chlorine found in tap water. The products are available at Rescue Lounge in New York City, Sephora in Paris, and Fred Segal in California.

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